How can you deny me, Something that is so true? Our friendship is worth the world to me, But my dream is to be close to you. We support each other endlessly, Giving hope through thick and thin. But my heart bleeds constantly to be near to you, Whispering the word, When? I gave you a path to my heart, And on it you certainly found your way. Now lying in my spirit, I dream of us everyday. And itís the mystery that lies within you, Your soul I wish to be near. But as for now I will continue loving you, Quietly remaining here...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Standing Alone

Sometimes i find myself standing alone thinking of you ,just like i use to .You were always on my mind.It's five years since we last spoke it's really hard to comprehend where time has gone.

Little things remind me of you
Like Em talking about carrot juice , how you liked carrot juice .
Bunnies at Easter  , carrots , your nick bugs ...KL , Monsoon ,Malaysian commercials .
Words , songs , More Than Words i will never forget your amazing voice
and how you'd sing to me :)  you centainly have Rhythm Divine.You will always be my Hero , i wish i was your lover .I will never forget you or the little things that mean so much.I wonder if you ever remember me , maybe every blue moon .
Are you happy now ? Are you lonesome tonight ?
Well Bugs ,I wish you were here  ( with me ) .Anyways I Will Always Love You.
Well this is my second attempt at this grr lost the first one .
Somethings are Better In Time. Well as you would say ,My pillow is call me .

Posted at 03:06 am by sweetspirit

October 25, 2008   02:49 AM PDT
Hi Aamer
It has been awhile . I thought for awhile before i posted .
Then i lost my whole post , i wondered should i not bother to release what i feel inside , how silly would i sound .
Then i thought it doesn't matter , if some ppl think I'm silly ,because I was sure others could relate .

Thank you for your comment :)
i hope life is treating you kind .
Aamer Chaudhary
October 23, 2008   04:06 AM PDT
I relate myself to this!
Good one!

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