Entry: Love N Destiny Sunday, March 02, 2008

I wonder how many people believe in love n destiny. That no matter what two people will oneday be together ,no matter what happens. It really depends on the persons involved. For instance an aquaintance of mine , is now with the guy she was inlove with at 13 he he .Well he was the older boy next door .Which back then was a no no ,they never dated back then . Time passed by and in their 20's they met up again ,after they'd become single .But again they never really dated ,he ended up marrying his x gf .Twenty yrs later at Christmas gathering they bumped into one another . This time both single they exchanged numbers ,but it wasn't until 11 months later he called and asked to take her out for her bd .Of course she said yes and they have been together for over a year now . I haven't ever seen her happier ,than the day she told me 'she has been waiting for him all this time. I was shocked ,he didn't seem her type. She told me ever since she was 13 she'd dreamed of being with him , now 30 yrs later she has the man of her dreams. Wow that is a long time to wait . I'm not sure if it was love that brought them together , maybe it was fate / destiny.


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