Entry: I'm With You Monday, March 03, 2008


Sometimes in life we agree with others , when the majority is of different opinion.

If we see something often enough , it will definately be embeded in our mind and we can choose to believe it or not . Sometimes such things can be told to us over and over again for many years , but the truth is our own to seek .

I for one  agree with Marion Cotillard, from day one i had my own opinion and thoughts .

As years passed by i doubted the media and chose to believe other sources.

Why because i am a free thinker and i have a right to my own opinion , if i agree with some people and not others that is my choice.

Two years and two months ago i sent a link to my dear friend Desi , i am sure it was a worthwhile read for Desi .

Take a look at911planesite and then decide what you believe for yourself .

Remember the truth is out there , you just have to find it for yourself .

As for NASA's moonlanding that's another story .




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